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Principle Cleaners

What How Why are a few of the words we all use in figuring out our next move in life or business. Below are a few ideas that may help you consider a change to Principle Cleaners

Wellington cleaning

What we do

At Principle Cleaners I have a strong focus on Commercial office cleaning, that's it. 

We dust - vacuum - empty rubbish & recycling - clean kitchens and bathrooms -mop and everything else in between.

For carpet cleaning and exterior low level building wash we partner with companies that specialize in those areas and we arrange it all so  you don't have to.

Keep it simple and keep life happy.


Office cleaning Wellington

How we do it

Every premises is set up with its own cleaning kit. Taking one cleaning bucket of chemicals, cloths and mops to every client is simply not the right hygienic option. 

Triple filtered vacuums with a Hepa filter helps reduce small particles passing through like, Dust, pollen & bacteria.

Bio-zyme which is a NZ made natural cleaning product is our chemical of choice. Safe and friendly for all surfaces and people. 

Cleaners Wellington

Why we do it

Commercial Office Cleaning is a lifestyle I enjoy. It has provided me with more than I ever expected and have helped many people along the way while getting the same in return.


Knowing I can make a difference when you turn up the next day and not have to worry about anything we do is what makes it worth while.

"It is the personal touch Mike adds to the business that assures me our requirements are met and often exceeded"

Jenny Seddon
Plunket Business Services Manager


"Principle Cleaners had been cleaning at my previous job for 10yrs so when we needed a new cleaning service at Higgins Wgtn a few years ago it was a no brainer to get Mike in."

Roz Lankshear
Higgins Group Office Manager
"Since 2003 Mike and the team have always gone out of their way to help. One time our car broke down in our parking garage and he stayed behind with us untill the tow truck arrived to make sure we where all ok"

Patsy Ranchod
Automobile Association

       A Few of our Clients      

Office contract cleaning
20yrs cleaning
commercial cleaners
commercial cleaning
cbd cleaners welington
wellington cleaners
cleaning offices
wellington cbd cleaning
corporate cleaning
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